Why Doesn’t Cesar Chavez High School Have a Mechanics Class?


Evaristo Chavez and Keoho Hernandez

If you go to Cesar Chavez High School and have been in the G building you have probably wondered what is G104, the garage, actually for? In years past we have offered an auto-mechanics class that was partnered with Delta Auto. The problem with the course on our campus was the fact that our auto-shop was only partially built. Due to the lack of correct specifications we agreed with the district to shut down the auto repair program.

Recently that area has undergone a huge transformation so that it could still be used for students. While the shop lacked proper water and air flow for an automobile repair shop, it had the tools, equipment, and space to run a different class. The shop is no longer used for automobile repair, but instead is now used for instrument repair. The students of this transformed classroom now focus on fixing instruments and restoring them while also helping musicians across the entire district.

However, if you have ever been in the instrument repair classroom you will see that there is a two post Lifter just sitting in the middle of the shop. Since seeing the classroom I began wondering why didn’t we offer a mechanics class? Is it because we don’t have the money to higher a professional mechanic that can teach students? Is it that we don’t believe the course is rigorous enough to open opportunities for students?

Now with the knowledge of the lack of needed specifications in order to run a safe and certified auto shop it become much more clear as to whey we no longer offer Auto Shop Mechanics as a class.