Kayla and Ramil’s Food Adventures:

Noah’s Bagels


Noah’s Bagels can be found in the Lincoln Center.

Kayla Ruiz and Ramil Mckinney

Get a taste of New York right here in Stockton at Noah’s Bagels. Found in the Lincoln Center area, this bakery spot takes breakfast to a new level. Starting with the ultimate breakfast sandwich called the Signature Farmhouse, the meal consists of thick-cut bacon, ham, cheddar, eggs, and a pepper schmear on any bagel of your choice.

With 28 bagels flavors and 10 double whipped shmears to choose from, your combinations possibilities are endless. Not only will you find breakfast and lunch sandwiches, but you can also indulge in tasty sweets such as warm cookies, freshly-baked muffins, and many other pastries.

Noah’s bagels also have special offers and deals for their customers, giving 13 bagels for 8 dollars every Monday and a pastry 4 pack deal for 6 dollars any day of the week.

Although this New York-style bakery closes early be sure to grab a bite before or right after school for a 10 out of 10 meal.