School Lunches Allergy Intolerance?


Ysabelle Adame , Managing Editor

Have you ever wanted to eat cereal and milk or just enjoy a nice cold drink but all you have is 1% milk? Have you ever finished your school breakfast and needed to wash it all down, but your school only offers milk from cows? What are you to do if you are lactose intolerant?

Many students that I have talked to have all said they would rather have almond milk instead of cow milk. School lunches are known for being allergy free, but what about the students who cannot consume dairy? Some students are extremely lactose intolerant and lack options. Where is the milk alternative for the students who want to have breakfast or who want to enjoy cold almond milk just as much as the person who drinks cow milk?

Schools should have at least a small amount of milk alternatives such as almond milk for the students who don’t drink regular milk. Yes schools go through a food chart that they have to follow that have something from every food group, but not all students can have everything from every food group. Having almond milk on a school campus would brighten some students day by simply just being able to have breakfast with milk their body can digest, or just enjoy a cold soothing drink.