Kayla and Ramil’s Favorite Foods: Culichi Town

Kayla and Ramils Favorite Foods: Culichi Town

Ramil Mckinney and Kayla Ruiz

Do you love seafood? Do you love Mexican food and music? Well, then Culichi Town is the place for you to visit! In Modesto, this restaurant specializes in Sinaloa-style sushi, shrimp, and cocktails. If you’re a fan of Banda music, you’ll find this restaurant to be your new favorite spot for the weekend! Live bands play in front of you and take song requests all night long as you eat.

On the menu, you can find items from a mix of seafood towers, Hot Cheetos ceviche, various sushi rolls, shrimp empanadas, and more. Out of our options to choose from, the Doña Petra plate is filled with freshness and tasty shrimp. This is prepared with cooked pieces of shrimps and crab as well as fresh cucumber, grated carrots, juicy mango pieces, and a mix of sweet and spicy black sauce for the ultimate indulgence. For those who may not prefer seafood, the Milanese is the best choice for you. This is a breaded and seasoned chicken dipped in eggs and fried to a crispy perfection which is then served with a side of Spanish rice and beans.

We rate this restaurant 11/10 considering the amazing customer service, the fresh and unique plates of seafood, and the lively music. 

Caluchi Town is located at 3250 Dale Rd l in Modesto California.