The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab

Karenn Castillo, Reporter

Have you ever wanted to try the best seafood in the world? Well check it out, The Boiling Crab is the place for you. This amazing restaurant was first established in a little town in Southeastern Texas called Seadrift. Year around their fisherman would go around on small boats “collecting” various types of seafood. For example, shrimp, crab, oysters and so forth. This is where it all began, the legend of the most delicious seafood restaurant on the West Coast.

The Boiling Crab has a very “down-to-earth” ambiance, it seems to welcome guests with open doors. The view is completely unique. As soon as you walk in the door you see a fisherman hanging from the ceiling as if it’s catching sea animals, a whole bunch of fake fish and the writing of guests around the walls. The Boiling Crab doesn’t have your everyday sea smell, it has more of a smell of various mouth-watering spices.



When ordering at The Boiling Crab, their shrimp is a must have! The medium to hot shabang shrimp is brought to the table in a plastic bag, as well as every other food served. The staff lays a thick paper over the whole table before anything, hands you a bib, then once the food is brought in a steamy plastic bag, you dig in on the table! Thats right, you can completely pig out on the table without getting a stern look for doing so. The taste is very indescribable, with a various amount of spices. After you peel off the shrimp shell, it is best to dip it back into the bag in order for a much more flavorful taste. Then bite! That hard, yet squishy taste with a stupendous amount of spices attacking all of your taste buds.

This shrimp, with the specific medium-hot shabang flavor is a well-known favorite. This is the type of seafood to turn seafood haters into seafood lovers! (Spoken from experience) Go on and try the best of the best, and be prepared for your taste buds to fall in love.

Vegetarian friendly:

-Not recommended

Gluten free options:

-Possible, but very limited

Noise Level:



-Sea food in general, other limited options also available.


-Quick ,considering how busy it usually is. Very friendly


-Great quality food, service, and ambiance never a single complaint or mistake.


-Highly recommended to all seafood lovers, and for “seafood haters” it is definitely recommended that they must try it here, at The Boiling Crab.