You Shouldn’t Be Using That Restroom

Editorial Board, Reporter

The big problem that has broken out across America is the transgender bathroom policy that president Obama is trying to get passed. This has caused many conspiracies and arguments across the states of America. If you don’t know what this law is, let us explain it. President Obama is trying to get a law passed stating: Transgender individuals can use bathrooms such as what they associate themselves as. Say you are born a male but think of yourself/has had the surgery to become a women, you would be able to use the women’s restroom. The same goes for a woman who thinks of themselves or has went through the process of becoming a man. Arguments are calling this new policy “unlawful” and not safe for the future of children and adults. Here’s our opinion on this topic.

Although there are individuals that may identify themselves to a particular gender, we believe that they should use the restroom that correlates to their gender on their birth certificate. If it is permitted for individuals to use restrooms that they identify their gender with, it will cause issues. For instance, in a school environment there will be frequent accusations of perverts and pedophiles who say they identify themselves as the opposite sex just to fulfill their personal arousals. Most importantly, parents will be concerned about their children using restroom facilities with the opposite sex due to those issues, thus, causing additional problems such as interfering with their child’s education as some parents go to the extent of pulling them out of school. Therefore, the most efficient and best way to avoid these problems is by keeping a strict restroom policy that states that individuals are required to use the restroom according to their gender.

Men should use men’s restrooms and women should use women’s because it’s going to cause a lot of problems in society. Men and women are going to be using each other’s restrooms to look at each other. The amount of rape and child molesting cases a year will significantly increase because now men can just walk into the ladies’ restrooms,, giving rapists and child molesters an advantage of committing crime. They can just say they are transgender and really be a man or woman impersonating as one. As a result, people are going to be complaining and trying to sue places for increase in occurrences of rape in public facilities and businesses will be complaining and it’ll just mess up society. Also, parents will be complaining about their child’s health and safety because any boy can go into the ladies’ restroom. Ladies will feel uncomfortable because they won’t know if they are being watched while they are using the restroom.

It would affect Chavez negatively.  Chavez would have to enforce the security so it can be people who stand outside of the bathrooms. According to Tina Bradley, she states that, “People just couldn’t understand how, as they put it, we could allow boys to share restrooms with girls or vice versa. Others expressed concern for the safety of our female students, thinking that allowing transgender females in the bathroom with them would put them at risk. Many were just outraged at the concept.” It would cause a lot of problems with people saying or falsely saying they are being harassed or them being looked at. A lot of parents may feel uncomfortable to let their children use the bathroom at school because of this.

Some in favor of the transgender bathroom policies say that no one has the right to be questioned about his/her gender in the workplace. states, ” However, transgender people often face the burden of being confronted or questioned about which gender’s restroom they should use. Not having reasonable access to restrooms is a tremendous distraction that no employer should impose on its employees.” As big of a distraction this may be for employers, just imagine how much of an diversion it would cause for hundreds of Walmart customers for example. It’s unfair that anyone should be harassed but, when that person applied for the job they identified themselves as male or female and should use restrooms accordingly. says,”  This is largely a straw man argument as there have been zero reported cases of transgender students attacking cisgender students in bathrooms in public schools.” There are only ten states in the U.S. that fight for gender equality which means that bathroom laws so far have been applied to one of those ten. If a transgender bathroom policy were to applied to perhaps Wisconsin or Idaho where gender equality is not very much supported, I have no doubt violence would take place. Applying these laws to highly discriminatory areas would be unsafe for trans- or cis- gender students.

Individuals should use the following restrooms that correspond with their gender on their birth certificate rather than what they personally identify themselves with. It will avoid issues involving false accusations of perverts and pedophiles, invasion of privacy, discomfort of the people who do not wish to use restroom facilities with the opposite sex, and so forth. We believe, our school, Cesar Chavez High School, should enforce a new restroom policy stating that it is mandatory to use the restroom that identifies with the gender on their birth certificate despite what the individual identifies themself as.