Transgender’s Get Their Way

Editorial Board, Editor

transgender illustration 2Transgender is noting or relating to a person whose gender does not correspond to that person’s biological sex assigned at birth; the transgender movement.

It’s a good idea because they’ll feel more like the gender they claim to be.

It is a good idea because they’ll feel more comfortable with themselves and relieved  to who they really are. People will be more open and accepting. Transgender’s will feel safe and happy. A simple thing like letting them use our bathrooms by what they claim to be will be a big step for not only them but for some of us as well.

It would affect Cesar Chavez High School climate positively because there would be less bullying. Students need to understand how some students, that are transgender, feel. The students that disagree with this situation need to be open minded. In a way, it might have an effect on other students who are confused with trying to figure themselves out.

Even thought judgement will be passed down towards transgenders, people will soon get used to the idea and accept it. On some cases, there will be issues towards fraud transgenders who would use their desired bathrooms to be perverted. To be real, it’s easy to tell off who’s transgender and who isn’t.

Transgenders are human just like us, they want nothing other than to feel accepted. These individuals should be able to use the bathroom of their liking. Also, it’ll affect CCHS positively by improving its acceptance and love.