Hunger rumbles through zombified students at Chavez high


Damien Glasper, Reporter

“I’M HUNGRY!!! I NEED FOOD!!! I’M STARVING!!”All of those statements are uttered on a daily basis by students at Cesar Chavez High. Chavez has roughly 2500 students, nearly 5 of 10 students eat lunch. Of those five the’re has been reasons as “The line is to long” or ” The food isn’t good”. There is one easy solution, vending machines. Vending machines are not really talked about that much but think about how many you see, how many you’ve used. They are everywhere supplying people with a easy, fast, and beneficial source of food or drinks. Now some school have obtained vending machines like Gregori High School. The school runs much smoother about 8 of 10 people eat something while at school. Chavez needs vending machines at the school to fix hunger.

Student need food to satisfy their hunger and focus on school. Appropriately place machines around campus can help students who hunger for food. When students don’t eat they turn into mindless, angry, temperamental zombie like humanoids placed in their own reality. Young minds need nourishment and the body needs energy to function. The machines can also be filled with healthy snacks to promote eating right. Students will be less cranky and more focused and most likely improve work ethics because of fulfillment from eating.

Some might argue that they aren’t “rational” or they would be a “distraction”. Everyone will have their own opinion until they see the plan in action. Vending machines can be put in to appropriate places like unused rooms or monitored  hallways. The machines can be used only before and after school and at lunch. Others might say “Vending machines won’t fix a thing.” but on the other side if people are hungry enough they will eat virtually anything.

This school needs better food because the food is not edible.

— Te'Ah Davis

This school needs other sources of food. It needs a better variety of food. No limitations on food. FEED THE PEOPLE. Get vending machines chavez needs the food.