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We have rights and we shall be heard!

Elizjhay Truitt , Reporter

Would you want to leave school grounds without any issues ?

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If you are 18 their shouldn’t be an issue if your trying to leave campus .”

— Edward Moreno

Most Seniors that attend school are not minors therefore people we know shouldn’t have to hassle to pick us up off campus . Should not need a say so to who’s picking us up . Pretty sure no students would leave school grounds with any stranger. Speaking up to assistance letting them be aware of a situation going on .

Certainly those people the age of 18 years old , family should be able to pick us up with no issue. Especially for personal emergencies that our going on within that time ,legally we can make our own decisions with no problem believing we can think for ourselves individually without a parent . Young adults have a mind of their own knowing right from wrong . Who we inform to pick us up would have some relation to us .

Being the age of 18 and not needing guardians approval stating we are legal to make our own decisions within the law . This is a free country  which is accurate or is it not ? Why not just check those for ID verification? If needed instead of keeping us on school grounds. Information shown with identification should be approved if any misunderstanding or assumptions drawn to who is picking us up of campus .

In addition to a parent being in the hospital who is injured from any cause to an accident . Guardian working out of town that commutes nor isn’t able to pick you up . Personally is a tight situation which can be  frustrating to deal with . Counting you can be stranded if something is urgently happening within the family .

Parents car breaking down on the side of the road with no transportation , faulty occasion to robbing the local bank . Even a tragedy happening in that time and that individual trying to become safe in middle of crisis making their own decisions to where they will likely be safe . Other then the Districts custody , who have contact to whom may harm them . Which would only give them excess to picking those up with no problem .

The district would go against and state they are responsible for students , because they feel responsible for our safety . Explaining the behavior parents perform towards ” School Districts ” who feel the schools should keep their children in well care . Our feel people can fabricate they know a child who attends school .

Including it’s stated now no ones aloud to pick those up of campus unless your listed on emergency contacts . Not being able to leave school grounds unless they are informed of parents permission for children to be released . Only if the parents make a call letting it be known that whoever comes to pick up anyone of campus is accepted to do so .

Stated the school is responsible for children safety who step on school grounds . Which is before and after school until you make it to your destination . Also anything that is issued with you to any extent that could happen unexpectedly . Resulting to leaving of campus with no issues .

Lastly , identification not matching can lead to confusion . Maybe even fraud information if not accurate summing with information given . Only causing suspicious behavior if verification doesn’t match up .

Calling to action would be towards  government and principal . Who would have  say so to the situation . They would only be able to confirm what would be best . Overall the government who could inform those Districts .