Student Survey Regarding Sports

Angel Sanchez, Reporter

We did a survey to see what is the most desired sport.

We asked 51 people from a variety of grade levels and SLCs at Cesar Chavez High School during school hours.

We find that Basketball is just as popular as soccer, and football is the most popular sport, and kickboxing and swimming are equal in popularity.

What is your favorite sport?

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Another thing we gathered from the survey was that kickboxing was chosen by some people and the same for lacrosse.

The flaws about the survey is that we don’t know if everyone was honest about their answers and that we had to restrict the number of options.

These results are a important part in finding out what is the most desired sport and what is the least desired sport and to see how many people actually like sports.

“Because it sucks”

— Paris Soeung 10th Health