Unjust Bathroom Policy

Just open the bathrooms; have a heart.

Angel Sanchez Piceno, Reporter

The Campus Security Monitors have gone too far, we should be entitled to our bathroom rights. CSMs have limited our time to use the bathroom by too much and the amount of bathrooms that we are allowed to use. They have lowered the time to the point where some students have to make a choice between using the bathroom or being on time to class due to the fact that the building they might be going to may not have a bathroom open. Every building is built with a bathroom but yet only a few are actually open.

We asked a few students about how they feel about the bathroom policy.

“No I don’t agree with it because when you to the bathroom during the class teachers expect you to be back in five minutes but none of the bathrooms are ever open”

— Ashley Moral communication technology 12th

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The problems remain the same for most which:

  1. CSMs close all bathrooms and sometimes don’t open them.
  2. CSMs open bathrooms late on Thursdays.
  3. Lack of bathrooms open forcing students to be late for class.

There is a easy solution to all of this which is for the CSMs to open the bathrooms and stand guard until it is time to close them.

For those who believe that this is a bad idea because they believe that CSMs do this to keep students in class and from doing drugs.

This answers that too because with the CSMs keeping guard of the bathrooms when they are open so they can keep students from getting into trouble.

The problem is too many bathrooms are closed and the solution is that CSMs should open more bathrooms. Mr Nelson should take our solution into consideration.