Women of Color Versus America

Xitlali Parada, Reporter

Woc, or women of color, undergo serious discrimination nonstop. This discrimination comes in the form of double standards. Double standards, for those of you who do not know, is a principle in which it is unfairly applied in different ways to different groups. Basically, in the case of woc, they have different standards to uphold compared to white women and white men.

Black and Latina women scientists sometimes mistaken for janitors”

— The Post

Women of color are expected to uphold a different type of lifestyle than a white male and a white female. Many people hold a standard for women of color to be a mother sooner, and to be a stay-at-home mother. While often white women are told to still chase their career, women of color are frowned upon for trying to be independent. Because of this, Latina and African-American women are often diverted into believing they cannot work in a professional field. They are immediately shoved to low-earning occupations. In 2014, only 35 percent of African-American women and 26 percent of Hispanic women were employed in higher-paying professional jobs compared to the 48 percent of Asian women and 43 percent of white women.

A great example of double standards is that according to an article The Post wrote, 48 percent of Black women and 46.9 percent of Latinas reported being mistaken for administrative or custodial staff.

Double standards even come in regards of clothing and hair styles. Women of color cannot express themselves and their culture without being shamed. For example when a Native-American wears their traditional clothing, it is seen as inappropriate and rude to the modern-day American society, but when Americans believe it is fashionable, suddenly the clothes have become “hipster” and “Coachella inspired”. Also hindis, a religious Hindu clothing accessory, are worn by white women and are thus seen as fashionable chic and glam. When a woc wears it, suddenly it is not okay, or even appropriate. More examples include the chola look, a Chicano cultural look, and chopsticks in hair, which is commonly worn by Chinese women.  The Niqab and Burqa, and saris are also other clothings that have created a sort of double standard for women of color. All of these clothings and accessories are frowned upon when the actual women of color wear it. They are told to go back to their country if they want to dress like that, but once a white woman wears it, it suddenly is fashionable and chic. Why is it socially okay for a white woman to have the advantage to wear clothing article and get complimented on it when women of color were being harassed for the same piece of clothing that they have been styling this whole time?

Many people will argue that the double standards doesn’t exist. They say it is “not real”. People say “it’s just a mentality” and that women of color have been “brain-washed into believing it’s real”. However, thee people fail to recognize the double standard and the white privilege many people have. This white privilege includes being less likely to get arrested, more likely to get into college, “fit in” and get a call back for a job, not labeled as “angry”, “ratchet”, or “thug”, and find good housing.

People become so used to what is the “norm” they fail to realize women of color can do the same things any other women can do. For example, according to an article The Post wrote, 48 percent of Black women and 46.9 percent of Latinas reported being mistaken for administrative or custodial staff.

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Women are being discriminated against because of their skin tone and color. It is not fair. It is unjust. Something must be done about double standards. People need to recognize that the double standards are real and it is typically a type of discrimination. A country that claims quality for all, cannot stand with this. We need to hold conferences, conventions, etc. to inform each other that skin color should not mean that they have a different standard to uphold. If anything, we should be helping the women of color who have to overcome so much discrimination and hatred.