Karma Savala, Reporter

Throughout the years, feminists have fought for equal rights upon all women, but at the third wave of feminism approaches its peak, it starts to put out a horrible name for those who fought for us. A “third wave feminist” or also known as a “feminazi” is a radical activist who fights for women’s rights. They practice poor excuses for protesting and demote anyone who isn’t radically throwing feminism in others faces, they hate patriarchy, straight white men (or any straight man for that matter), anyone who supported the “All Lives Matter” movement, and cops.

One of the main reasons why radical third wave feminism is just a cancer to society to me is because their forms of “protesting” are in extremely poor taste. For example, there is a specific protest called a “slut walk” in which women dress as the “slut” stereotype, or most of the time naked, and they hold signs saying that they’re sluts or posting their nudes or people having sex with them on social media and say that they’re said stereotype, BUT when you call them a slut it’s called “slut shaming”. Excuse me but if you have no respect for your body and decide to call yourself one, you’re going to get called a slut. They also will get extremely offended if a man hits on them, but if another woman were to do it, it would be no big deal.

Another example of this ridiculous behavior that third waves are showing is a little thing called “rape culture”. Basically, feminists have made it some kind of culture to think every straight man is a rapist, and that men aren’t victims to rape, that women are the only ones who are victimized. There’s this phrase that they say called “die cis scum” (shown in the video above) which basically translates to “die white straight men” because for some reason they think that a white man who decides that they want to be a man and be attracted to women, are some scum rapists. When in reality, men are rape victims more than women, they seem to not consider prison rape most of the time and say it “doesn’t count” when in reality its really traumatic because these men majority of the time are straight, they usually develop PTSD and  anxiety disorder and even manic depression as an outcome to rape, and they cant even say anything because men are a lesser priority than women when it comes to abuse.

Feminists also talk about some mythical social issue called the “gender biased income gap”. Well, it does exist but feminists are misinterpreting it to be even more sexist and desperate, in fact, women get paid more than men, not the other way around.

“In Britain, lesbians are paid an average of eight per cent more than straight women, with the trend even more extreme in other western countries. In the US, the difference is 20 per cent …”

Dr Nick Drydakis, senior lecturer in economics at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK who authored the World Bank report, said pay differentials were explained by the career and lifestyle choices that gay women were more likely make.”  

I don’t want it to seem like I support feminism, because as a woman I do naturally support being equal to a fellow male, but I support first wave and second wave feminism, not this sexist movement that attention-seeking women seem to think is helping the world, when in reality it’s just putting in a bad name for women throughout the United States.