Why can’t I wear this at school?

Ferline Ayo, Reporter

Ladies! It is time to call attention to the double standard of clothing restrictions. Isn’t it unfair that during the warmer seasons while we’re at school we can’t wear “certain” clothing to beat the heat? It’s nearly 90 degrees out, you decided to sport a tank top, but as soon as you’re on school grounds you’re stopped by a CSM because you’re tank top is “not appropriate” and against school policy.

But wait, there goes a guy wearing a muscle tank, yet… he isn’t getting stopped. What’s the difference?

Don’t you think it’s time to change the school clothing policy? Males are not warned about their briefs hanging out of their pants nor showing their shoulders as much as females are warned about nearly 80 percent of their outfit; their shorts are not past their finger tips, their mid-riff is out in the open, they’re showing accidental cleavage.

It seems reasonable to get pulled aside for wearing clothing that isn’t appropriate for the weather. However, if it’s during the warmer seasons, how else are us ladies supposed to prevent ourselves from dying from heat stroke?

It’s unfair that we get stopped for wearing clothes that are labeled inappropriate for school. During the summer I wanna wear clothes that make me feel less hot. What’s wrong with that? ”

— Liliana Diaz Aguilar

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Let’s get it straight, we’re going to change the school clothing policy. We should be able to freely wear what ever clothing we choose to wear at school because we know that the majority of girls won’t take it to the extent of showing so much skin to where the school should be worried that it will distract the other students from their education. It’s just clothes.