Should Students Be Granted Early Release?

Ashley Vazquez, Reporter

Students at Cesar Chavez are tired of being forced to stay at school from when it starts to when it ends. They are in school from 7:13 to 2:13 even when they have nothing to do.

Students that finish all their credits early or are on track to graduate on time should be rewarded with the privilege of leaving the school grounds early.  By doing this, students will not only be motivated, but they will feel appreciated as they know their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Not only will this motivate students, but it can ultimately influence other students to complete all their credits and pass their classes as well.

A student that is forced to stay in school and unnecessarily take classes they do not need is only a student taking up extra space in a classroom. In fact, students at Cesar Chavez have a hard time trying to cope with a schedule filled improper classes.

“It’s so frustrating!  I’m a senior taking classes I don’t need to take. You’d think they would prioritize us since we need our classes to graduate,” Melissa Mendoza, senior, said.

Many people may argue that allowing students to be dismissed early would only result in them taking advantage and eventually waste their day at home while they could be “learning”. However, that is not always the case. Senior Samantha Vazquez argues that she could use her time away from school to study or “get things done.” During her junior year of high school, she took a college class that was only held three times a week. On the other two days of the week, she was forced to stay at school.

“It was boring. I hated being forced to stay here when I could have been doing something productive instead of just pretending.”

I hated being forced to stay here when I could have been doing something productive…”

— Samantha Vazquez

In other cases, students can use their free time wisely by getting a job, finish projects or school work, study for tests, and further their education by taking rigorous classes in colleges. Ultimately, by giving students and opportunity to make use of their time, they can learn to be responsible.

Should students be granted early release?

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