Cellphone Policy: why aren’t cellphones allowed at school?

Guadalupe Corona

CSM’s and staff at CCHS seem to have a problem with us using cellphones during lunch and passing periods, which I say is unfair and dumb. The first time we get caught with our cellphones we get our phone taken away and get it back after school, the second time our parents have to pick it up, and the third time we get it until the end of the year.

Cellphones are actually of better use, for example if someone bad was to come into our school and we had no way of letting anyone know, we have our cellphones to call for help or our parents and let them know of the situation. We also bring them to school to be able to communicate with our parents about anything or an emergency.

Principals see cellphones as more of a distraction from school and school work. They don’t understand that whether they like us bringing cellphones to school or not that we will still continue to do so, so what’s the point of banning cellphones? They fail to understand that we have the freedom to use our cellphones during our free time which is at lunch and passing periods, as long as it isn’t during classes.

There’s no point in not allowing cellphones because we’re still going to bring them and use them whether they want us to or not”

— Cynthia Martinez

         Teachers, students, principals, and parents should all get together and give their own reasonings and cut it down to a fair decision for everyone. Staff should allow cellphone usage during lunch and passing periods because it isn’t causing harm to anyone and it’s not interfering with any important school activities because we deserve freedom, during our free time.

Should cellphones not be allowed at school?

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