Pie is not just for the holidays

Anita Marie Wertz, Adviser

As the holidays approach, students begin to fantasize about sleeping in, ignoring homework, and feasting with friends and family. One of those holidays feast foods traditionally is pie. Pie is a great dessert, and an even better breakfast. The first period Journalism 1 class at Cesar Chavez High School showed that almost everyone likes pie. Of 31 students in class, 25 said they liked pie.

What is your favorite flavor of pie?

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Pie comes in many different flavors from fresh fruit like strawberry pie, to the Thanksgiving staple, pumpkin pie. Many a holiday meal is finished with pie, covered in whipped cream, or occasionally ice cream. Already stuffed, there is always room for pie.

“My favorite is sweet potato pie,” Ky’Tavia “Kylizzle” Stafford-Carreker ’16 said.

When it came to flavors, pumpkin proved to be the number one choice with almost 39 percent of the pie eating young journalists committing to the squash. (Yes, pumpkin is a squash.)

The half of the pie eating journalists that did not choose pumpkin as their favorite pie showed a preference for the fruit pies of apple, cherry, strawberry, and peach.

Regardless the flavor, young first period journalists at CCHS are looking forward to gorging themselves during the upcoming holidays. Pass another piece of pie.