The Marijuana Effect

Marijuana has a huge affect on teens during there time in school. Marijuana has many other names such as Weed, Nuggets, Rope,etc. Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowering pots of the hemp plant that contains THC and is consumed for a number of different reasons.There are hundreds of different types of marijuana strains that range in effects. Most teens turn to drugs because of personal problems or issues they have at home. Weed is a stress reliever and helps people forget about there problems at that moment. Teens smoking weed at school and bringing weed to school needs to stop.

Everyone at the school do not smoke. Therefore they should not have to smell or be around it. We as a whole should have respect for each other and be fair. There is a time and a place for everthing and at school is not the time nor place. We come to school to learn and better our knowledge not to smoke and goof off because you are to stoned to function. It does not affect only you it effects us all and our environment.

Bringing weed to school affects us all. It affects us all because it could tempt non-smokers to try it. It could cause others to feel peer-pressured and they try it. Smoking weed at school could make underclass men think its okay to smoke at school. Smoking at school could be the start to someones addiction. Everyones body is different so some can get addicted faster than others. and once you start not feeling high with weed it makes people try other things. We do not want our classmates addicted to drugs. So we need to start here and enforce it at school.

To stop the smoking at school we need to have body searches before you enter our campus. We need to make sure we have weekly checks for drugs. We want a safe and healthy environment on campus. Another solution for smoking on campus is to have certain areas that are blocked off during lunch. A solution for bringing weed to school is the same as I just stated a search before you enter. Also we could get the parents involved so they can make sure its not on them before they leave the house. We personally do not care what you do on your own time but it would be very nice if you did not do it at school.