Students eating cardboard.

PSA against poorly made lunches

Jordan Cramer, Reporter

Everyday, kids get a lunch break, allowing for a relaxation of the brain, and for students to get their lunch of the day. As this is an everyday process, students shouldn’t have to go through the daily task of getting their lunch, only to be disappointed at what they actually are getting. Greasy food, soggy wedges, and cardboard pizza are all items that need improvement to increase the lunch experience for students. Moving the location of where all the food in SUSD is processed might just be the next step to achieving a good lunch.

School Lunches are really nasty, that’s why I bring my own. ”

— Amara Prohm, junior, Creating & Performing Arts

One solution is to change where the food from Stagg to Chavez. Freshness is a big complaint on school campus, and knowing their food is made on campus will appeal better to the minds of students. They want to eat food that is made for them before lunch starts, not made days before. Moving the cooking site to Chavez would make lunch experiences better for new students.

When this subject is discussed, those apposing tend to bring around the thought that we don’t have the money for this. Changing a school lunch, or making the lunch at school would require more jobs here, and that brings in more money from the state before the school year. With this, the school would have more than enough for improvement in this area.

Although the topic of school lunches is often laugh on, this problem being fixed would help to the morale around campus. It could in fact, be the next step to fixing all the problems found at Cesar Chavez, making it a more appealing school for upcoming freshman to apply to.

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