Softball and Baseball

The Are Not the Same!

Jordane Stemen , Reporter

softball and baseball are definietly not the same sport, they have different rules. ”

— Bryan Figueroa, health, 12

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Most people believe that Baseball and Softball are the same exact thing, except BOYS play Baseball and GIRLS play Softball. All you hear is people saying that they are the same sport and arguing that it is or it isn’t. The two sports are nothing alike, besides using a bat, a ball, and a glove. Baseball and Softball ARE NOT THE SAME! 

Softball is meant for girls. Boys can NOT play. The field is shorter than a baseball field be and the whole infield is filled with dirt. The Pitchers mound is flat and also the pitcher must rotate her arm in a circle in order to pitcher the ball. There is no over hand throwing when a pitcher, pitches… only underhand. The barrel of a Softball bat is thin. When you get on base, you must also stay on the bag until the pitch has been thrown, then you may take your lead. 

Baseball is meant for boys, but girls can also play the game. The field is much longer and bigger than a softball field. The pitchers mound for baseball has a hill because the pitcher throws the ball over hand. When they throw it over hand, the ball generally goes down which is why the mound has a little hill. The barrel of a Baseball bat is bigger and fatter than a softball bat. When you get on base, you can lead off before the pitcher pitches the ball.

Now for those of you who think the two sports are the same, that’s understandable. You do have to hit the ball to get on base and advance runners. Make runs at home in order to win a game. Catch the ball in order to get an out. And also pitch the ball so the batter can hit or the pitcher can strike them out. Those are the only similarities though. Nothing more, nothing less.

People who think that Softball and Baseball are the same need to realize that the two sports have different rules to them. These rules are what make the two of these sports NOT THE SAME!