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Music influencing our behavior

Maria Chavez, Reporter

Music plays a big roll in our daily lives. Wherever you go there will be music, no matter if it’s your music or others music, it is still in contact with us all. Some of us use music as therapy or a distraction to our daily problems. When people are in a stage of mixed emotions they listen to all types of music. Normally it does not help but only because the music people listen to is basically based on their emotion cause when they’re sad they obviously listen to sad music and when they’re happy, they listen to up beat happy type of genre.

When parents or pastors or anybody say that music is the reason why young adults get influenced. Well yes, young adults do get influenced by all singers and rappers. Some get influence in a good way and well of course others get influenced the bad way as in their behavior. A young adult could listen to a song of killing, drugs and girls, all that nonsense young adults listen to now a day and it gives them the mind of curiosity.

Music might be a good way to clear your mind but it does make young adults rebel because as they make it a daily habit to listen to a specific type of genre they start to rebel even more. Some start acting out thinking that it’s fine to actually listen to some rappers talking about it is okay if you smoke weed or kill people on a street corner. People are going to disagree that lyrical music does affect our behavior but the truth be told that it can affect to the fullest and it depends if the person is weak minded when it comes to listening to all types music.

It all depends on what you listen to.”

— Brenda Beltran, Junior, Health SLC

To prevent from young adults rebelling off bad lyrical music. The law should make it a law that anything having to do with drugs, girls, sexual things and most importantly about killing people “Needs” to be band if they do not want so much crime and so many young adults from committing all nonsense in this world.

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