Cesar Chavez High School Never Has Their Bathrooms Open

Need to use the restroom? Well that’s too bad because they’re locked.

Eduardo Estrada, Reporter

Have you ever had to use the bathroom at Cesar Chavez High School? Well then you know that their bathrooms are never open. You can go from building to building and you still won’t find any that are not locked. What we can do to fix it is unlock them all like they should already be.

The staff or whoever is in charge of opening and closing the bathrooms need to open all of them. Every now and then they open one bathroom but that isn’t good enough especially when we got so many students at our school. Once they start opening the bathrooms, everyone will be happy because no one likes the fact that they are never open.

Have you ever went to use the bathroom but all of them were locked?

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They’re never open, not even during passing period.”

— Celestino Mederos, senior, CAPA

I understand that the reason they don’t open them is because some students decide to vandalize or do inappropriate stuff in there but not all students do that. Most students actually need to use it. Some students may be able hold it in all day till they get home but many students can’t.

We have a couple of bathrooms but none ever seem be open. Would you like it if you had to use the bathroom very bad but you had to hold it in because all the bathrooms at school were locked? I don’t think you would so why do you lock all our bathrooms and make us hold it in?