Cell Phone is a Huge Distraction

The Use of Cell Phones

Kristy Vang , Reporter

Cell phones has played a huge role in everyday’s life. Cell phones were used to connect and communicate with family and friends from all over the world. However, when games and social media was put into the cellular device, more and more people are becoming more engaged with their mobile device.

Many students and their cellular devices is becoming inseparable nowadays. They use them on a daily basis, even while studying, eating, and driving. One of the leading deaths in the United States is car crashes, causing from distraction from their cellular device. While drivers text or talk on the phone, they mentally think that they are not being distracted. However, the brain swifts their mindset, which does not allow them to perform two things at the same time. For instance, a person full understand a movie if they are talking on the same at the same time. It is just impossible.

Dont text and drive. You’re considered a murderer.”

— John Vang, junior, Engineer and Environmental Science

Before touchscreen electronics became popular, many people communicated freely without having to look or use their cell phones. But nowadays, people use their phones at parties, meetings, and events without having much respect. When people go out to parties or amusing places, they no longer enjoy their time at the location. They would rather enjoy taking pictures and posting them on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, or Facebook. What is happening to the society now?

Texting and talking on the phone while driving will definitely cause a huge risk to other people’s lives. It is putting their life on the line, including ourselves. Sometimes, everyone just have to disconnect and enjoy life. Life is full of adventures, unless people choose to remain in closed doors.

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