Bite to Eat, or Bite the Dust?

Should new policies be raised over recent tragedies?

If Cesar Chavez High School was able to have off-campus lunches, where would you go

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My fellow students of Cesar Chavez High School.  Whenever you hear the words “off-campus lunch” what responses rush through your mind?  “Better lunches yea!” or how about “yea! That would be awesome.”  Let me break  it down to everyone and take a moment to read through this.  Students like yourselves will kill for freedom, right?  But also some of you don’t think about the other possible outcomes of things like these…

A 16-year-old Woodbridge High School sophomore died and three other students suffered minor injuries Thursday when the van they were riding in swerved off a rain-slicked street near the Irvine campus and slammed into a utility pole.”

— Los Angeles Times

Teenagers nowadays are so young and so eager to get what they want, and when they want.  There are outcomes to having off-campus lunches such as collisions, possible deaths, kids doing/dealing drugs and having sexual intercourse.  All these un-smart choices fall on the school’s/district’s head.  This eventually brings up the policy of off-campus lunches expelled for good.  We can put trust into our students, but just how much trust will you put into them?  Not everyone is honest and trustworthy nowadays, as everyone can see hopefully.

Sure, there are other high schools out there that are allowed to have off-campus lunches.  It’s simply not given to you, but earned.  For example, if you tell your dog to sit and they obey, don’t you think a reward is necessary?  But in this case, these are human lives we have at stake here.  Young students, who have dozens of opportunities out there just waiting to be taken advantage of.  But what’s a life without living, right?

In this overall article, students, as well as adults too even need to take caution when making decisions.  Viewing the possible outcomes before they’re executed could possibly keep you from making an ignorant decision, or even ending up 50 ft. under a grave.