Why We Students Can’t Eat In Class

Tisha Fuentes, Reporter

We students want to understand and know why we are not allowed to eat in class during a 1 1/2  hour in each four periods.

Our classes are way too long to just sit their and not be hungry especially if a student missed their breakfast or lunch.

We believe certain students don’t or won’t work right If they haven’t eaten all day, students start to get really hungry and not being able to cooperate right and be thinking about eating or getting food within those 1 1/2 hours of class.

Staff shouldn’t complain because its not a bad thing to eat in class being in class for so long. It makes students really hungry and unfocused. Little snacks should be allowed to have during a certain period.

We think we should at least be allowed to have a little snack to eat in one of our periods in class nothing too big just a little snack will be just okay to get us through half the day before lunch.

If students would be able to eat during a period without getting in trouble. We think students will be able to focus more and not be focused all on waiting to go to lunch and eat. We students should have the right to eat a little snack before we have lunch within those  1 1/2 hours of a period everyday.

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