The School Needs To Unlock The Bathrooms More Often

Alexander Lopez, Reporter

Who else thinks that we should have more bathrooms open?”

why are the bathrooms locked all day?

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Students have complained about the bathroom situation, how there are practically no bathrooms open. The school complains about us being late to class when we need to try to go to the bathroom. The school gives us 30 mins during class to go to the bathroom, but they lock all the bathrooms except like at the most two bathrooms. Us students think that the school should open more bathrooms so that students don’t have to go scavenger hunting around to find a open bathroom.

We think that the school doesn’t have a lot of bathrooms unlocked because people choose to ditch class and smoke weed in the bathroom. Us students think that the school should have some faith in their students and unlock more bathrooms because not all of the students are like that.

The school has to step up the security so that they can unlock more bathrooms and if people try to ditch class or smoke weed in the bathrooms. The school has like 20 to 30 bathrooms and only one to two of them are unlocked. Well we just wanted to try to get the point across that we need more bathrooms unlocked so that students who need to go to the bathroom doesn’t have to scavenger hunt around to find an unlocked bathroom. A group of us students should make a stand and tell the principal to unlock the bathrooms!