Students not taking school seriously

Amanda Garcia, Reporter

Students don’t realize their effect on school. They’re lazy, have attitude, play around, sleep, and put in their earphones. Students should be on time to school. When they are late they miss the beginning of teaching.

To solve the problem students can start paying attention and be respectful. Students can be on time by waking up earlier and not procrastinate.

In order to wake up early, before bed set up an alarm at 5:30 if you take long to get ready. You can also get you and your parents in trouble if you don’t go early. You can get a letter to be sent to court.

“Kids need to get there buttts to school.””

— Alice Garcia

Students who don’t care would say  “I don’t care if I am late at least I come to school.” They say “I don’t have a ride or I am tired” and just make up excuses. If they cared they would find a way to get to school.

We can solve this problem by if they’re early and good their parents will give them a reward in return. It will give them motivation to get things they need and want.

Students should get there stuff together to find out what they want to do in life.

What do yo think students do during school?

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