Students and locked bathrooms

James Reed, Reporter

With 10+ bathrooms around Chavez High School, we don’t see why every building is closed  except the G building. And then teachers are quick to give referrals to students for taking too long.

Already tortured by having to wait thirty minutes.Then they make students walk around school doing the pee-pee dance. We suggest that all bathrooms be opened. 

During classes more bathrooms should be open for students to use.”

— Jessica Phin Class of '15

The opposition would have you believe that all students do is smoke and there is a major security problem. This is false and has a simple solution.

Make the CSM’s get up and secure the campus. This is there job! And if they don’t want to give up more break time so children can go to the bathroom then they should be fired. Or just move to another school.

By opening up the bathrooms and more CSM’s patrolling, the school would have less of a problem with the smoking in bathrooms.

We the students of CCHS challenge the CSM’s and janitors to open up more bathrooms just to see what will happen.

What time of the day should more bathrooms be opened?

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