Student are lazy

Epifanio Eugenio , Reporter

Student are lazy, student are always late for school. They are too lazy to wake up early to get ready for school. Some student think it’s too early to get up for school in the morning. We think its too early to get up at 6:30. Some students wait for the bus in the morning.

They should start school at 8:13. Some student wait for the bus. They wake up earlier then the other students because they take the bus. The other students get a ride. It’s too cold to get up early. The bus is late some times and the student are late to class.

They need to start school at 8:13. Student are lazy to wake up early. Some student have to wake up earlier because they take the bus. In the morning  its too cold to get up an wait for the bus.

We don’t care what other people think about starting school at 8:13. We think we need to start at 8:13. Starting at 8:13 is better then starting at 7:13.

The school should start a 8:13. It’s too early to get up in get ready for school. Every student and teacher are lazy to get up early. It’s too cold to wake up in the morning. The student parents are too lazy too get up and take their kids to school.

We need to start school a little late. It’s too cold early in the morning. Everyone don’t want to come to school because it is too cold in the morning. If we start school a little later, everyone might just come to school on time.

We need to start school at 8:13.”

— Samuel Hernandez

Why are student too lazy to come to school?

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