Stockton boring?!?!

John Brian Gayagoy, Reporter

Many people believe that Stockton is one of the most boring cities. Reasons why people think that is because they think Stockton isn’t exciting.

We disagree, Stockton isn’t a boring city at all, there are plenty of things to do. Stockton has a better Downtown then most cities in California. We have a beautiful Waterfront that you could enjoy with your family at anytime of the day. There’s also a huge Regal 16 Movie Theater that you could go to with your friends. We even have our own Stockton Thunder hockey team that plays at the Stockton Arena. There are two amazing Museums, one of them in the middle of Victory Park called The Haggin Museum. Our city has one of the highest crime rate, with a lot of homicides that appear practically everyday on the news, which makes Stockton NOT boring.

Yes, some teens and fellow citizens disagree with me “Nothing to do” or “Stockton is dead.” But we believe that the only way Stockton is going to be boring is if you make it boring. There are many events and places you could participate in. You can’t complain if you’re at home being a coach potato on your phone doing nothing at all.

Stockton is one of the biggest cities in California. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something to do. 

Stockton’s fun”

— Stephon Him

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