Seniors and Juniors should be allowed off Campus

Mirena You, Reporter

High school students such as seniors and juniors should be allowed to and have the privilege to an off campus pass during lunch and it should be at least for one whole hour

Everyday seniors and juniors should be allowed off campus to grab something to eat during lunch time for a decent amount of time like an hour long time period.  Also When you get back from where they come from they shouldn’t get a write up or a tardy slip or any other type of discipline unless they go pass the one hour time period

Seniors and juniors are the two grades that are about to graduate and most of the student have all their credits or doesn’t need to take a certain class during that time period. The ones who comes to school on time should get appreciated by letting them have a off campus pass to to show appreciation for what good they did. They would get to go off campus for about an hour to go get food to eat. The reason we would want an hour is because some of the food place is too far and 30 minutes wouldn’t be enough to get food and eat. Also most people wouldn’t want to eat school food cause it’s not good or healthy that’s why some people prefer other food outside. Some people don’t even eat the school lunch because of how they don’t like it and it wouldn’t be good if they skipped their lunch.

Students should be allowed to have off-campus lunch.”

— Mirena You

As for other people would disagree with my opinion and would say that “one whole hour is too long”. Also most say that “they need to be in class on time because it’d important to be on time”. But we should say that food is more important to being a little late to class, and if we do get the chance to get this opportunity to get the hour long off campus pass it would give us enough time to drive to the place and to get and eat the food.

We can save the problem by saying that if both seniors and juniors come early to school they’ll get the chance to have this opportunity and if they don’t come to school on time they wouldn’t be allowed to. This could also be a good reason for them to come to school early.

Seniors and juniors should be allowed to go off campus for at least an hour. We would like the principal to try my request of trying to let this happen and to see the results either if its good or bad.

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