Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed

Alyssa Hernandez, Reporter

Not everyone gets to eat lunch for free. The school makes the students whose parents get “too much money” pay for lunch. Just because they think they have money, doesn’t mean they do.

The students at our school should be able to get lunch. Having a free lunch will help students concentrate. Getting a small breakfast bar in the morning doesn’t help five hours later. We have bills too. We can’t spend almost ten dollars a week for lunch knowing we have to use the money for bills at home such as electric, water, and gas money.

When students don’t get lunch it makes them tired, not pay attention, sick and complain then teachers don’t let us leave or believe that it is an actual problem. Most students will be happier and will be able to pay attention. Breakfast and lunch are a big part of our day so, them not letting us get free lunch doesn’t help our days at all.

Most of the parents believe that the people who get a lot of money should pay for lunch. In our opinion, we pay taxes why can’t our taxes pay for us to eat to. People don’t understand that some people might not have the easiest life.

I believe that no matter what the students situation is, EVERY student should eat.”

— Kayla Woodard

The students at our school Cesar Chavez, need to all speak up and protest about this situation. Nobody will listen to us if it’s only a couple people. We can’t change anything if we don’t speak up. “Closed mouths don’t get fed.”

We believe everyone should get free lunch. This is a really big deal in everyone’s day. If we challenge governor Jerry Brown, he will have to make a difference. We will not continue to not get free lunch. We need to protest against them so we will be able to eat again and be able to stay up and feel good during the day.

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