Teachers expect too much work out of students

Samuel Hernandez, Reporter

Some teachers expect too much out of students. They expect around 10 pages of work from student per day. Some students can complete the work but get too stressed out. The other students just give up because it is too much work to do per day.

The teachers can lower the assignments to students. Some teachers want you to write about 10 pages a day. The teachers should lower the work to six pages of work a day. The teachers might disagree and say they are getting students ready for college. The students do not think the same way as the teachers.

There are a couple of teachers at CCHS that expect students to do 10 pages of work. Most student don’t like to do that much work. Students should be able to do work and not get tired while doing it. There would be students who wouldn’t complete the work because they would say it is too much work.

The teachers would easily turn down this opinion. Most teachers would just say no because they wouldn’t want to do that. The teachers think that they would help students with 10 pages a day. There would always be teachers that assigns too much work to students.

The students would propose thate the teachers assign less work per day. The students will have more time to finish all the work. We believe that this would be the best way to solve the problem.

The students would be behind the solution but the teachers would not. We believe that this would be the best solution and solve problems.

“Some teachers want too much work per day”

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