Why should we have to pay?

Why should we students have to pay to get in at games and events? We come to support our school and our friends that are in them. What if students don’t have any money to get in? Or they don’t want to ask their parents for money. Most of the time students don’t even come because they have to pay.  And what if they really want to come, but they don’t have money? I think we can just solve this by letting parents only pay and students would just have to bring their school I.d to get in. That’ll work.

I’m pretty sure if Mr. Nelson and the teachers knew, they would consider it and say yes. If they did said yes a lot more students would start coming to the games and events. Only parents would have to pay. I heard when we have games the visitors side always has more of their students there and parents. If the students heard about this they will all mostly bring their I.d’s and then we’ll have more students on our side.

They might not think it’s a good idea to not let students pay, but a lot more students will come if this works. They should really try it and it could work. I really believe in this idea.