More Bathroom Sanitary Items

Is CCHS giving enough sanitary items in the boys and girls bathroom? Or are there only a few bathrooms open? Should they provide more or open the other bathrooms? Most of the time, a lot of girls are complaining that there are no more toilet papers and soaps. Sometimes the bathrooms are full specially in passing periods and lunch. That’s why people are saying they should open the other bathrooms so it won’t be too complicated and crowded inside the bathrooms.

If ever Mr. Nelson, the schools’ principal, and the rest of the staffs decided to consider the solution, then there might be no students who will complain about it because the problem is resolved. But if they don’t do any actions, then the problem won’t be eliminated. There’s a chance that it might be bigger if they don’t try to solve the problem. So they should at least try to give more toilet papers and soaps in the bathrooms that they open, or most likely open other bathrooms that are never used by students.

The staffs might think that it’s a waste of money to buy more toilet papers and soaps for the students. Also, the janitors who are cleaning the whole campus might not agree on cleaning the bathrooms if ever they decide to open all the bathrooms. But for the students’ sake, they should really focus on the problem, not the cause of it. Because if the students are satisfied, they should be satisfied as well.

Most students are complaining about the bathrooms not having enough toilet papers and soaps. Some are thinking that they should open some bathrooms that are not used by students. If they are not willing to open any other bathrooms, then they should at least provide more toilet papers and soaps for the students. Students won’t complain anymore if they try to focus and solve the problems that are happening around the school.