Late to 3rd period again?

We need a longer lunch.

People are late for 3rd period because of lunch. They need time to get to class. Students are late to class because they go get food somewhere outside of campus and don’t have enough time to get back to school and into class. By doing so, they get bad grades which doesn’t help them when they need to pass. If you simply make lunch longer for them to get back in time, it’ll solve all the problems.

A 30 minute longer lunch gives people time to go out to eat and get other things they need. You need food to feed your brain and if something went wrong, you can go home and fix it. Not being late for 3rd period gives you more instructional time and more work time and better grades to pass.

People can disagree with saying school will end later and people will still be late, but you need to deal with it and if they’re still late, then it’s their fault and their grade.

Being late to class doesn’t just hurt yourself, it hurts your classmates by distraction. So a longer lunch will definitely help most people who are willing to use it wisely.  The school board should listen and understand how we feel. After all, it will help grades and students to be good adults.