Say no to tardy sweeps

Tardy sweeps are causing students to be later.

Students being tardy to school has been a problem through the years, but tardy sweeps have became a big issue this school year.

Students who are continuosly late probably don’t have a problem with it but other students who for some reason happen to be late the day of a tardy sweep are not okay with the tardy sweep. A tardy sweep means when the bell rings if you’re not in class by a certain time your late and you must go to the multipurpose room and get a late slip which is detention. When a tardy sweep is going on, the only way you can get in class is with a detention slip.

Tardy sweeps affect people because often students don’t mean to be late they simply get stuck in traffic. Tardy sweeps at Cesar Chavez High School have became so common in the past months.

Tardy sweeps aren’t such a great idea because instead of helping the students it makes them later. Some students that have never received a detention before are now receiving them do to the sweeps.

In order to get the students to be early the school should give them from five to ten minutes to get to class and then do the sweeps. Students would probably get to school on time, they would feel like they’re getting a second chance and wouldn’t take it for granted.