First Period Tardy Sweeps Are Unnecessary!

“First period tardy sweeps are taking up to much time from our students”

First period tardy sweeps may seem helpful, but why are tardy sweeps necessary? They don’t make anything better, it just causes more problems. It results in students getting to class even later, ditching, getting mad and mood changes. What we need to do is to repeal first period tardy sweeps.

Eliminating first period tardy sweeps will change many things. It will save time for the students to get to class instead of being crowded in the multi- purpose room with other students. It also means that it would not interupt class time for the students who are on time. Teachers would  not have to stop teaching during class time to open the door for students who came late. Most importantly students won’t be frustrated and have their day ruined.

I think the tardy sweeps are unnecessary since it takes long to get a pass and it’s not our fault that the traffic is horrible.

— Alexa Rua

Most of the students come late to school for different reasons. Some of them take the bus and sometimes the bus would come late, along with students still have to walk the rest of the way. We also have those days that we forget to set our alarm clocks and wake up late. The biggest problem we have is the traffic, that nobody can control . Even though we are late for a good reason we still get a slip, why? Most students don’t even serve their detention because they know that it is just a waste of time. We all think this is nonsense and want it to be removed.

It’s not our fault the bus driver takes a while to come and drop us off, then we have to walk. They should just stop doing first period tardy sweeps as a result of there is so many people that come late for their own reasons.

— Elisa Hernandez

Having first period tardy sweeps doesn’t change the percentage of students being on time. No matter what, some students don’t care whether they are late or not. It’s the morning, we are rushing to get to school but sometimes we cannot. It’s not that we don’t want to, but due to some things happening, we can’t. We all encourage for the administration to reconsider the first period tardy sweeps. We believe it would be the best choice for our peers.