Why first period tardy sweeps?

Who made Tardy Sweeps?

Period 1 tardy sweeps are the most annoying rule at school. Lately they been having tardy sweeps regularly. We don’t see any signs of it being useful and there are many reasons why there are dumb, like they make students even later then they should be.

Period 1 tardy sweeps are not helping students be on time to any classes. In fact the sweeps only make students later. Let’s say a student gets to school at 7:20, just a few minutes after the bell has rung. Well, now the students has to stand in a huge line around the gym. Now thoses four minutes missed class time, has turned into 25 minutes because the students had to get a detention slip and be even later.The traffic is very bad so it’s not the student’s fault for being late.

“There are 5 CSM’s and 4 admin and over 2,000 students and it’s hard for them to get all the tardy students not really really late but there’s only one CSM in the multi purpose room,” explained Kraig Jorgensen, assistant principal.

Bringing up about detentions, most students don’t even show up to it. What’s the consequences if you don’t show? Do you get more detentions? If students don’t serve detention, they get more detention, Thursday school, an other administrative actions, inclduing calls home and meetings with parents.

Tardy sweeps are pointless, a waste of time, and do not help anyone. Tardy sweeps bring more work to the CSM’s or administrators and they waste class time for students. Unfortunately,  some students mostly juniors and seniors stand by their cars after the bell rings so they can just sit out there.