Tardy sweeps are good

Today is my second day back at Cesar Chavez High School; the school has changed in many ways. For example, they have pushed more on the issues of tardiness. Administrators give out more tardy sweeps now, which is after the school bell rings you have five minutes to get into class. That five minute passing period gives students little time to spare, pushing them to move faster to get to where they need to be. Failure to reach class between that time will result in a 15 minute detention, if a student does not attend detention he/she will then have to serve Thursday School which is a three hour detention on the school’s half day.

My opinion on the tardy sweeps is that it’s a good motive to make students want to be on time for class. I know for a fact no one wants to spend their free time in a detention room. I don’t agree on the first period tardy sweeps though. Some students can’t arrive on time due to traffic or transportation issues. There are some students; however, that choose to take their time to get to class because they to lack on responsibilities and spend time chatting in the halls with friends. I believe that first period tardy sweeps makes students even more late to class due to the long line of tardy students waiting to receive their late slip. Making them stand in line makes them fall behind in class because they’re missing out on more than they should be.

You should see the tardy machines they have. With  just a swipe of a student I.D. card, a little sheet of Plasco paper pops out showing your I.D#, last and first name, entries, entry date, entry time, during what period, action type and action date.  The school has five CSM’s and four administrators so the machines probably help them out a lot insted of just marking on a sheet of paper of all student names and I.D. numbers one-by-one.

The schools percentage of tardiness has slowed down since they have started first period tardy sweeps, which was October 1.  Students are probably noticing that the school really wants you to go to class and make something of yourself. You should go to school to learn, not just play around. The percentage lowers and lowers everyday on tardiness, which is a very good thing.

If the school keeps pushing the tardy issue, I think the schools percentage of late students will get to a good percentage. Kraid Jorgensen, assistant principal said, “If this changes, the school as a group will be rewarded all together.” Hopefully this does make a good affect. Being late doesn’t show good on your record. With that being said, tardy sweeps are a good thing for this school to have. They motivate the students to want and try to be on time to school and class.