Students recieve detention through first period tardy sweeps is a waste of time

Students are losing their learning time due to recieving detention in first period tardy sweeps.

First period tardy sweeps? Detention? These are probably any student’s worst nightmare. Here at Cesar Chavez High School, students find first period tardy sweeps unnecessary and a total waste of time. However, administration finds these tardy sweeps beneficial to a student’s attendance. Even though this could be beneficial to a student in terms of attendance, being tardy to first period means detention and getting detention is not a nice thing to see on a record.

As students here at Cesar Chavez High School, we believe tardy sweeps are unnecessary and a total waste of time. First of all, not only does it make students even more late, students lose their learning time from trying to recieve a detention slip.

“Trying to get a detention slip in the gym takes forever. There’s only one CSM giving out slips and there are a lot of kids waiting in line,” Catalina Cortez, sophomore, says.

Another thing to look out for is whether or not students are actually showing up for detention and whether or not more students are on time.

“Ninety-five percent means that students are meeting the goal for showing up on time. Percentages lower than 95% is a bad number to see. That means only that percentage of students are actually on time,” Mrs. Wertz says after looking at a sheet of percentages of students who are on time for first period.

It was surprising to see that the majority of percentages were red, indicating that the goal was not met. Once, the number was at 89%, and that was after several weeks of starting the first period tardy sweeps. Many students aren’t showing up to first period on time just because of tardy sweeps.

As beneficial as first period tardy sweeps might be for some students, the majority of students at Cesar Chavez High School find tardy sweeps are not beneficial at all. We know that  it causes a sense of urgency and stress. There is no need for feeling urgent and stressed because of tardy sweeps when school itself is urgent and stressful.

First period trady sweeps should be eliminated because not only does it make a student more late, it also wastes their learning time. In fact, a student should not recieve a detention slip, have it on their record, and have to deal with it if they have to wait an extensive amount of time just to recieve a detention slip.