Careers in Education


Ysabelle Adame, Managing Editor

Careers in Education is a class that provides information that will help you have a better understanding of what it takes to become a teacher. It is a new school year for everybody and there are many things going on at the Cesar Chavez High School campus. You’ve probably heard of all the exciting new material that will go on. Most importantly, there is a new class that has the whole school talking.

This is the first year the class, Careers in Educations, will be taught at Cesar Chavez High School. The class is currently being taught by Mrs. Soria in the B building, room 102. If some students are disappointed by not being in the inaugural class don’t worry because Mrs. Soria has explained that the class will be around for a long time.  

The class is being taught due to the enormous call for more professional themed classes. Here at CCHS there are students who are interested in furthering their education in teaching careers, making this class perfect for them. The Careers in Education class will give students a chance to learn about the history behind teaching, as well as where to find educational jobs, and how it will help for the years to come.

Of course this class is an A-G, G elective here at Cesar Chavez High School and it will help you with going to a CSU / UC. This class can benefit you in terms of credits for college by completing the courses that are being offered by the school. There is also an internship when taking this class allowing you to be able to work in the new preschool that can been adopted in the B building.