Ten Things You Don’t Know: Jayda Ilejay Loeurn

Adventure, Excitement… Campechana!?

Jayda Loeurn, Reporter

Ten things you don’t know about me? Well for starters, I am a big fan of Smash Brothers! I love to play it and watch competitive battles! I really love to draw and it’s been a hobby of mine for years. I want to become an artist when I grow up which I why I try so hard. Whenever I can, I love to go to conventions and cosplay! It’s so much fun! I have a lot of favorite food, Vietnamese sandwiches, egg rolls, tripe, etc. It’s a long list. I’m a fan of both the Fire Emblem and Mother franchises, both introduced to me in Smash. My main in Smash, by the way, is Ness. I love the PSI Powerhouse!  I also love making up couples, especially same sex couples! Lastly, I’m an amiibo collector. They’re so cool!