Mr. Castanon is a Drama Geek

Angelina Sam, Author


Mr. Castanon is currently teaching drama 1-2, drama 3-4, practical theater, and junior AVID. He enjoys teaching drama 1-2 the most because every year, he makes the 1-2 class different and there’s always something new and creative for him to teach for that subject. This year he is planning to do six shows with his drama class and as of right now, they are currently in the makings of “A Piece of My Heart.”

When Castanon went to UCSB, his major was Chicano studies and he had no intentions of becoming a teacher or being involved with drama. Acting and being on stage was just a hobby for him because throughout his whole entire life, he was always involved in theater.  He eventually got into a drama group called The Multicultural Company and they would have a couple write scripts and perform them at school.

He ended up not becoming what he majored in because he eventually got hired to be a substitute teacher and when he got hired to become a full-time drama teacher, he took the opportunity and did it.

“My favorite part about teaching drama is helping students find their passion when they enter the class.”

His favorite plays to direct are dramatic plays. “If I could, I would only want to direct dramatic plays for the rest of the year.”

He had no intentions of teaching or being involved with theater when he got older. He claims, “it was never a part of my plans.” He may have not intended to be where he’s at now, but he’s happy to be where he’s meant to be.

“I’ve always been around drama. I can’t imagine not doing it.”