Lazy and Busy During Summer

Summer vacation is a time to be lazy yet stay busy. During summer I got the chance to sleep in almost everyday. I slept in until between ten and twelve almost every single day because I did not have to wake up and get ready for school. My friends and I went cruising around in 1998 Toyota Camry when we would get super bored and had nothing better to do. We would have sleep overs and just hang out. Relaxing, watching any and every scary movie we could get our hands on. Almost everyday is what it felt like, but in reality we only had practice Monday through Thursday. If we were lucky the coach wouldn’t make us work out to hard. Cheer was an easy way to  stay really busy over summer. In June, we only conditioned, which was running the stairs, doing what felt like a million jumping jacks, and so many more exercises. I went to the beach this summer multiple times. I went to the beach in San Francisco, and I went surfing there with my dad, little sister, little brother, and his wife. My family and I went to Santa Cruz and went to the beach and the boardwalk. We had all day passes and rode a whole bunch of rides. We didn’t even look at the names of the rides because we really didn’t care, all we cared about was is the ride fun or not. So my summer was very busy but it was a great time to relax and be lazy.