Being with the family is fun

Being in Lodi is a good summer vacation spot to go.  In Lodi I will be with with my family and friends.  We went to differnt places and had a lot of fun. The place we went to first was to a zoo.  After we got out of the zoo we went to a park and played soccer for a while.  It was very hot in Lodi.  It was like 95-100 degrees. Since  it was very hot we all decided we should go to a waterpark so we did go.  While being there it was very fun.  We would bakyardcamp at my cousin’s house.  We would go to sleep very late just watching movies.  While being there in Lodi we also went fishing but it was only my uncle, dad, brother and me.  The last daywe werethere my aunt had a big pary. Those were the best days I had with my cousins.