Utica,CA is a great place to camp/visit

Camping in Utica, CA, is a wonderful place to go camping/visit. The view of Utica showed a beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains. The lake showed a beautiful clear blue color while the mountains and trees were bright dark green. The nature itself showed and gave a refreshing, and lively feel with animals walking around. In Utica while driving or walking you would love the nature. The nature had big old trees with bright green leaves and big to small creatures eating and walking around. As for swimming we would jump off of large rocks that resembles a big bolder or a cliff into the water and dive in. Swimming was great with the cool blue waters and warm weathers. While in Utica you could go hiking up the mountain/hills to see the water. Going hiking in the late night is amazing. In the dark of night is the beat time to go hiking because of the view. when going up the mountain/hill if you look up you would see that the sky is fully covered of stars. Utica, CA is a great place to to camp or just visit.