Practice During Summer Isn’t Fun

Practicing everyday during break is not a good way to spend your summer vacation. There is nothing fun about getting yelled at because you don’t do the right things or go full out on a dance. In fact, one time we spent a whole hour on a dance and everybody was so tired that we couldn’t do it full out anymore; we had done it so many times that we felt ready to give up. Apart from getting yelled at you also have to cancel all plans with friends because you can’t miss practice or else you’ll get moved to the back in formations. As a matter of fact, there was a time my friends invited me to go to Sunsplash but I couldn’t go because that exact same day we were going to do formations. Having practice in the summer not only takes away time from your friends it also takes away family time. For example, my friends’ family was going to L.A this past summer and she couldn’t go because of practice. Missing family time and friend time isn’t the only bad thing about having practice you also don’t get time to relax. My teammates and I would go to practice really tired because we always had practice and we never had time to just stay home and be lazy. Lastly, som of my teammates including me didn’t even have to get back to school things ready. For instance, I didn’t get to do my summer reading because of all the practices we had and I would always just get home tired. Having practice all summer is not only boring but it takes up a lot of your time.