My Summer Vacation

My summer vacation was busy and very long. I basically had softball practice and games almost every week. I was melting because of how hot it is in Stockton and I had to go to practice from 6-8 in the afternoon and had games from 6-8 or 7-8 on Mondays and Wednesdays. I would be so tired from the games because of the heat and being a catcher is just more work plus all the gear I had to wear. Waking up early almost every week would be such a pain I had take care of my three brother’s Anthony, Baby Paul and Lil Panch there 14,5 and 2 plus my two sisters Alyssa and Mariah that are 9 and 7. Over the summer I also had to clean the house up for my family and family events, I also had to try to make time for my friends because cleaning the house just  made me so tired I just wanted to drop down and sleep at times but overall besides cleaning and being busy with softball my summer was pretty good.