Road to Gold: Blog 5

Weekend Gamer

I enjoyed my weekend being able to play as much as I wanted without having much worries. Well for starters on Saturday I went out to Sacramento State to have campus and housing tour. Went back home took a nap and got back into playing.

Didn’t play any rank games during the weekend, just because of how frustrated I was playing… But other than that I was playing mostly custom with 10 other of my friends just messing around. It’s always a joy to play with other and mess around. A game I remember is playing Nautilus, who’s able to grab and pull himself to either a champion or a wall, slow and knock up. It was pretty hilariously, because all we did was focus one of our friend the whole time, and all he did was complain which was funny.

Another game I can remember is when, we were messing around and said to just random on the last five seconds of champion select and just play which ever champion we got. I ended up getting Nautilus again… Not a bad thing, but it wasn’t a custom game it was a normal. I ended up playing a tanky/support role and literally they were all scared of me, probably only because, I also built damage and just destroyed their ADC.

My Sunday was alright, barley did any playing got some homework in and was doing APEX, need to finish it… Overall good weekend, I also watch Netflix or Anime during my weekend, but I was watching How I Met Your Mother the whole time. I also remember another game I think on Sunday, where we were all messing around and every just random down middle lane and took every turret that we could before they try to contest us. We didn’t win, but pretty funny if you were playing.